Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Peter Hudoba: How you can change the separation and isolation from others

Dear friends,
About 2 or 3 years ago, there was a survey made in Vancouver about what is the most pressing difficulty for Vancouverites. The result has surprised everybody. Everybody has expected that the most pressing issue would be financial and economic strife. You know, the Vancouver has changed dramatically over the past 7-8 years. The foreign investment has brought lot of capital and most of it was invested into construction of new high rise buildings. The price of housing and renting skyrocketed. This has made the cost of living unaffordable for many and people here have a difficult time to meet life ends.

So, obviously, everybody was expecting that we would feel the economic difficulty the most pressing issue. It was not. What we feel most troubling in our life is in fact the feeling of ISOLATION. And this is not only the issue in Vancouver, most of large cities around the world have the same problem.

About 20 years ago, I experienced the life in other Canadian province, in a small town where the doors were not locked and where children were freely playing on the street. When we moved in, the neighbours greeted us with a cake and bottle of wine. You never find this in Vancouver. Everybody feels a need to protect himself or herself from others and we create the walls around us, to feel safe. Yet, at the same time, we isolate ourselves from others. The life lost it’s luster.

During my studies with my teacher master Sha, I found that truly, the only way to live happily is to love everyone and everybody unconditionally. I believe that the love is a key to resolve all of our issues and certainly, it is the key to break through isolation and separation.

How do you practice the sacred technique to develop love to people?

Put your Left palm in the middle of your chest, over Heart chakra and place your Right palm on your Left palm in prayer position. Visualize golden light in the area behind your both palms.

Invocation: to Divine and Dao to bring Divine love and light to your heart, to your heart chakra, to heal it, to heal your ability to love.
Ask your Soul Mind and Body and Soul Mind and Body of your Heart and your Heart Chakra to receive Divine love and light, to fully develop love for people.

Chant the mantra:

"Lu La Lu La Li
  Lu La Lu La La Li
  Lu La Lu La Li Lu La
  Lu La Lu La Li Lu La
  Lu La Lu La Li Lu La

 I love my heart and soul
 I love all humanity
 join hearts and souls together
 love peace and harmony
 love peace and harmony"


  1. Thank you Master Peter for the teaching on isolation. I have found through my life that i have always isolated myself but now i am happy that you have shared the tools to transform this. Thank you, Love you <3

    1. dear William, open you beautiful heart to others, they are waiting for it.
      with love and blessings
      peter hudoba