Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Peter Hudoba: Common Cold and Enlightenment

Dear Friends,

Last 10 months have been quite strenuous for me. I just returned from very advanced retreat with master Sha, carried on teachings right away the same day, next day and next day. then I did whole weekend workshop. My system got bit overloaded.

When I finished Sunday's workshop, I did catch a COLD.

Can you  believe it? For several years, I have been so healthy, even if people around me had a flu, or something else, I never got sick. I am now getting my lessons.

Nevertheless, everything is an opportunity. Even adversity can be beneficial to your enlightenment. Now, I chant and chant and chant to heal my system as soon as possible. So, my mind is always pure and I am bringing Divine Love and Light to my soul, mind and body. I am still, even if sick, continuing on my enlightenment. This is so wonderful.

If you like, you can practice with me to heal your cold. But remember, it is always good idea to check with your doctor, if there is something else going on. Spiritual practices do not replace medicine!

How do you practice the secret technique to heal a cold?

Put your Left palm below belly button and place your Right palm on the chest just below your neck . Visualize golden light in the area behind of your Right palm.

Silently chant mantra Dao Guan Zha Shang (Light of Dao Brightly shines).

Do invocation to Divine and Dao to sent you a light to your Respiratory System and to your throat.
Ask your Lungs, throat and respiratory system to receive light, to fully heal and rejuvenate.

Well, there is one thing. I can not guarantee that this will work for you and, the results may or may not appear right away. As I learned at university many years ago, flu with no treatment lasts 1 week and if you take an aspirin, it lasts 7 days. At any rate, it is much better to be in the bed happy and filled with light than miserable and aching. Have a wonderful chanting!!

And remember, when you are lying in the bed, do not chant loud, chant only silently.

Always make sure that you check with your doctor, sometimes ordinary common cold can become something more serious and it is always good to check this out.

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for demonstrating your commitment to serve in spite of your illness and showing us how we can self-heal when we are ill. I had the symptoms of a cold setting in, but having followed your practices seem to have caught it in time. Dao Guang Zha Shan is beyond powerful!

  2. Thank you Master Peter for this practice. I have a cold and came to your blog for some healing and the first thing that popped up was this practice. After doing the chanting with you my lungs feel much lighter and I have more energy. Ty ty ty

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