Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Peter Hudoba: Everyone wants a loving and harmonious relationship

Dear friends,

Today, I share my insights on the relationships. 

For me, the relationship with my loved ones is very important part of my life. Initially, when I was starting my journey to enlightenment, I was afraid, that I will need to give up my relationships. I read books about monks, I read book about hermits hidden deep in mountains. I felt that that was the only way to reach enlightenment.

Over the years of studies with master Sha, I know that the best way to reach enlightenment is to live a life between people. In this environment, all our impurities are challenged and we need to adress them, purify them, so that they no longer block our enlightenment process. If we would have lived in seclusion, they would be not adressed and continue to be part of our karmic baggage.

I am extremely grateful to my teacher master Sha that he taught me all the necessary techniques so I can purify the karmic blockages in my relationships.

Not only, my soul journey has benefited from deeper and deeper purification, my personal relationships have become so sweet and loving, beyond words.

With love and blessings

Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for your insightful sharing on the sensitive issue of relationships. The flute blessing at the beginning helped to open my heart and mind to hear and accept the truth and the practice afterwards brought me to a place of peace. I look forward to the 3 day workshop in Vancouver 22-24 April!

  2. Thank you Master Peter for the practice and blessings to transform relationships. My heart now feels more open and loving after this and I am so grateful that it is possible to transform our relationships in this way. Love you ♡