Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Peter Hudoba: Daoist Energy Practices

dear Friends,


Today, I share simple principles to develop Body Energy by practice on Lower Energy Field and on Ming Men area - Snow Mountain.

It is important that our energy is properly developed in a balanced way.

These are few main principles in developing energy of our body:

1) Energy has to be plentiful
2) Energy has to be clean
3) Energy has to be ballanced
4) Energy has to flow through body freely

There are specific energy exercises that address each of these points. I have been teaching them through this blog site over the years. However, to practice energy on your own is not advised. These practices are best done under the supervision of competent expert otherwise you could run into a difficulty if you do not recognize what to practice and when.

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Dear Master Peter: We are so exceptionally blessed to receive these Tao teachings at this time.

  2. Dear Master Peter, what a great introduction to the topic for this coming weekend! For those who cannot attend, this recording is left with all of the wisdom and light you offer. Thank you for the blessing, thank you for your service!

  3. Thank you Master Peter for this wonderful blog and all the opportunities we have to practice with you. I just love to practice with you and found it so benifical for my daily life. Often I have to get up very early in the morning for work and if I didn't have these energy exercises I would be so tired but instead I feel refreshed and grounded ready to take on the day:) Thank you Master Peter from my heart♡

  4. Thank you soo....much Master Peter. I am so blessed! TY TY TY LY LY LY

  5. Master Peter you have blessed my life beyond words. TY TY TY LY LY LY CBD CBD CBD

  6. thank you Master Peter, for sharing these practices with us. TYTYTY LYLYLY

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