Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Peter Hudoba: How to develop Ten Dao Qualities

dear Friends,

Today, on my radio show, I was sharing the Ten Dao Qualities of the Heart. This is absolutely wonderful teaching of master Sha, that he has brought to us over the last year. 

I invite all of you to enjoy the recording Click here

Human heart is filled with all sorts of egoistical tendencies, e.g. selfishness, ego, jealousy, anger and others. If we want to reach enlightenment, we need to get rid of all of such things and we need to replace them with truly enlightened heart. 

What are Ten Dao Qualities of the heart?

Da Yuan Man - Greatest Enlightenment
Da Fu Wu - Greatest Service
Da Gan N - Greatest Florishing
Da Chang Sheng - Greatest Gratitude
Da He Xie - Greatest Harmony
Da Qian Bei - Greatest Humility
Da Guang Ming - Greatest Light Purity
Da Ai - Greatest Love
Da C Bei - Greatest Compassion
Da Kwan Shu - Greatest Forgiveness

Master Sha teaches that we can develop these qualities in several ways. We can purify our heart and mind through meditation. When we chant some particular Quality mantra, our heart and mind enters into the pure state of that quality. The other way is to trace calligraphy for each of 10 Dao Qualities.   This way we can develop each particular Dao Quality.
Finally, it is very important that we express these qualities in our daily life, at every moment, no matter what we do. Everything that you think, say or do, has to express fully each of these qualities.

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for this blog post. I find doing the spiritual practices with you so much more powerful then doing on my own. Thank you for another opportunity to practice with you:) Love you♡

  2. Dear Master Hudoba, Thank you so much for the profound teaching and practicing ten Da with you. I am so grateful and appreciative to practice with you. I felt so much light and my heart was so peaceful. I enjoy practicing with you. TY TY TY LY LY LY CBD CBD CBD

  3. Dear Master Peter thank you so much. How you share the Tao in such a simple but profound way Thank you a pleasure and a joy to practice with you Ty Ty ty

    1. thank you Anne for joining my blog. Come often!
      with love
      peter hudoba

  4. I've finally figured out how to get alerts for these blog posts so I don't miss any! I am so grateful that you are sharing your knowledge of the Tao with us. Thank you.