Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Peter Hudoba: How to live in Divine Flow

dear Friends,

Today, on my radio show, I have shared how to live freely in human society entangled by our own karmic chains.

Only when we are able to purify our karma, our own limitations, only then we can express our total talents and potentials. Finally, we can live in Divine Flow, expressing Divine in all what we do.

Master Sha teaches us to chant all time. When we chant Lu La Li mantra, our mind enters love, peace and harmony. This way we can loosen up our own karmic forces.

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for helping me to live in Divine flow and bringing so much true joy and happiness into my life <3 Love you Love you Love you

  2. Thank you so much Master Peter for helping us to remove our obstacles in our hearts and minds. This recording is definitely one I hear the message of VERY clearly... and truly appreciate. I will bookmark this one to listen again and again! with love and gratitude, Brenda

  3. Very timely topic, thank you Master Peter. when living in Divine flow, life is not wasted. Much love, Cynthia