Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dear Friends,

Today, I have a great joy to share with you the story of our long time student Ann. Ann approached me several month ago with a great difficulty in her life.
Her sister was terminally ill, hospitalized in a hospice in USA. The relations in the family have been quite dysfunctional for a long time and Ann was quite upset because was not able to be able with her sister and support her during last months of her life.

I offered Ann two kinds of help, one - I instructed her to do forgiveness practice on distance with her sister's soul. Secondly, I recommended several sessions in our Calligraphy Power field. (Master Sha has created for us very powerful Dao healing field from eight calligraphyies). Ann spent several hours in the healing field and asked that her family relationships would be healed.

Recently, her sister has passed and Ann was able to be with her to the last seconds. She offered a chanting if Ar Mi Tuo Fo (name of a Buddha) and to her big surprise, it was very appreciated. The passing of a beloved sister has become a healing moment for all. Ann also, was so grateful that she could help and the traumatic situation was much easier to go trough.

Ann's relationship with her husband is turning into loving and supportive.

We are so grateful to Master Sha for creating this incredible tool to help our students and public in Vancouver.

Please enjoy Ann's story:

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Such a beautiful story! We are so blessed to have your guidance, your Love, and Compassion Master Hudoba. Seeing us through such difficult times. Thank-you Anne for being an example of following and utilizing the wonderful gifts that we have been given! Love, Cara

  2. What a beautiful example of how Master Peter serves his students day after day, year after year and the results that come when we follow guidance. We are so blessed to have such a teacher here in Vancouver! Congratulations Anne; you have faithfully practiced and served in the mission so many years; my heart is happy for you and your family. Love, Cynthia