Friday, 18 September 2015

Peter Hudoba: My Experiences with Dao Chang in Hawaii

Dear Friends,

I am very honored to write my experiences with Tao Chang Calligraphy room Hawaii Sept 2015.
I have arrived to Hawaii upon request of advanced students who needed a help. I am very honored and grateful for this opportunity to serve Divine Mission.
Last many months have been very demanding, and my body eventually started to weaken. After I stopped my last consult at the temple in Vancouver, I went to airport and traveled to Hawaii. My days are now quite long, I wake up early, go straight late in the night. This was not a difference. After usual hassles at immigration, security, waiting for flight and then long trip, we came to Hawaii after midnight. Right form airport I came to the hotel where Dao Chang is set up and had a privilege to be there for 1 hour.
This is beyond words. Master Sha has created such a powerful healing and life transforming Dao Field with several calligraphies placed on the walls around the room it is beyond words.
As soon as I entered, I felt literally like in the gelatinous mass of power. You can actually feel the vibrations in the air. There is a very solemn and deeply quieting effect that spreads through the whole body. My mind went into a deep peace and subtle inner joy.
I asked my Dao Temple where I should lie down and answer was right at the first calligraphy on the left. Master Henderson then told me, it is for the spine! How wonderful, I was guided to get some help to my back, that was bit stiff and sore after long flight!
Needless to say, I felt absolutely great after 1 hour of using the special space. I am going to sign up for much more tomorrow!
I have a great experience with Dao field already, master Sha has graciously created 8 extremely powerful Calligraphies for our centre in Vancouver and I spent many hours using it by myself.
This new Dao Field in Hawaii, is by any standard, the most powerful Dao field I have ever been in.
We are blessed beyond words!

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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