Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Peter Hudoba: Ancient Daoist technique to ballance the Element Earth

dear friends,

Today I have shared the secret ancient Daoist technique to heal and rejuvenate the organ Spleen and the Element Earth.

The Element earth is a central element in our body. All other four element share some of element earth and if we improve this element, we are improving the whole body. Element earth regulates Spleen, Pancreas, Mouth, Gums and Teeth. This element contains the emotion worry and Loving, Caring and Compassionate attitude.

I am very grateful to my teacher master Sha who taught us the secret technique to balance Element Earth.

And remember, always continue any treatments for Spleen or Pancreas with your medical doctor, our techniques are not replacement for medical care.

with love and blessings

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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