Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Peter Hudoba: Great Compassion Mantra

Dear Friends,

Today I share with you the story of Mantra of Great Compassion, as it come to my in this life.
I learned it from master Sha on our 2nd meeting, in January 2001. In a year 2000, I was reading a lot about Guan Yin. One day, I found a Chinese version of Da Bei Zhou. I brought the text with me and I asked master Sha to record to me how he would say it. We bought a tape and master Sha gratiously recorded the mantra for me word by word, and then, he chanted the whole text. I have chanted Da Bei Zhou many times ever since and I greatly benefited.

I suggest to you, learn this mantra and you also will greatly benefit!

With love and blessings
Peter Hudoba

Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou)
1. na mo he la da nu do a la ye ye,
2. na mo o li ye,
3. po lo dje di shi bo la ye,
4. pu ti sa do po ye,
5. mo ho sa do po ye,
6. mo ho jia lu ni jia ye,
7. an,
8. sa bn la fa shia,
9. su da no da shia,
10. na mo shi ji li do yi mo wo li ye,
11. po lu jei di, shi fo la ling to po,
12. na mo no la jin chr,
13. shi li mo ho po do sa me,
14. sa po wo to do shu pun,
15. wo sr yin,
16. sa po sa do na mo po sa do na mo po chie,
17. mo fa to do,
18. da dzr to,
19. an, o po lu shi,
20. lu jia di,
21. jia lo di,
22. i shi li,
23. mo ho pu ti sa do,
24. sa po sa po,
25. mo la mo la,
26. mo shi mo shi li to yun,
27. jiu lu jiu lu, jie mong,
28. du lu du lu fa she ye di,
29. mo ho fa she ye di,
30. to la to la,
31. di li ni,
32. shi fo la ye,
33. zhe la zhe la,
34. mo mo, fa mo la,
35. mu di li,
36. yi si yi si,
37. shi no shi no,
38. o la son, fa la so li,
39. fa sha fa sn,
40. fo la she ye,
41. hu lu hu lu mo la,
42. hu lu hu lu shi li,
43. so la so la,
44. shi li shi li,
45. su lu su lu,
46. pu ti ye, pu ti ye,
47. pu to ye, pu to ye,
48. mi di li ye,
49. no la jin chr,
50. di li su ni no, 
51. po ye mo no,
52. so po ho,
53. shi to ye,
54. so po ho,
55. mo ho shi to ye,
56. so po ho,
57. shi to yu yi,
58. shi bo la ye,
59. so po ho,
60. no la jin chr,
61. so po ho,
62. mo la no la,
63. so po ho,
64. shi la sn o mo chi ye,
65. so po ho,
66. so po mo ho wo shi to ye,
67. so po ho,
68. jia ji la wo shi to ye,
69. so po ho,
70. bo to mo jie shi to ye,
71. so po ho,
72. no la jin chr bo chi la ye,
73. so po ho,
74. mo po li shng ji la ye,
75. so po ho,
76. na mo he la da no do a la ye ye,
77. na mo wo li ye,
78. po lo jei di,
79. shi bo la ye,
80. so po ho,
81. an shi dien do,
82. man do la,
83, bn to ye,
84. so po ho.

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for that very powerful Da Bei Zhou blessing. I asked for a blessing for my heart and message center and now my mind feels clear. Tytyty lylyly

  2. Dear Master Peter,

    Thank you for the beautiful chanting. I feel so relaxed, calm and in bliss.

    Love you, Thank you!

  3. Dear Master Hudoba, Thank-you for the incredible chanting and blessing. My whole body is gently vibrating and I feel very peaceful! Love, Cara

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  5. The Da Bei Zhou is an amazing mantra, my heart fills with so much peace as I sit back and listen to your chanting. Thank you so much Master Hudoba for sharing this Great Compassion Mantra chant and all the names of these Buddhas on this blog. I have already listened to this session several times an each time I feel more peace, Ty Ty Ty