Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Peter Hudoba: The Purity of the Heart is the Key

dear Friends,

Today I share the topic "The Purity of the Heart is the Key ."
I believe that this is truly the most important aspect of our journey to Enlightenment.
Our heart reflects our spiritual achievement, but at the same time, the state of purity of our heart determines how much we can achieve. 

Over the time, I have changed, from self-centered person, who wanted end of his own suffering by reaching enlightenment, into a person whose interest is to help others, to end their suffering and guide them to reach enlightenment.

I can not tell you how much joy and happiness came to me with this transformation. You also can change!

With love and blessings
Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. If the link above does not work for you, copy & paste this one:

    love and blessings,

    1. Thank you William. I have to copy and paste to listen to Master Hudoba's blog. much love and appreciation, Audrey

  2. Dear Master Hudoba, Welcome back to Vancouver! Thank you so much for teaching and practice to purify heart. I felt vibrations from my feet travelling up to my body. My heart became lighter and happier with peace. LY LY LY CB CB CB

  3. Dear Master Hudoba, Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to help me develop to a purer heart, turning negative mind chatter talk to greater purity of heart by chanting and learning with you.. this is it~! RH