Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Peter Hudoba: The Force of Dao In My Life

My dear friends,

Today, I share my life story, how I first got into a touch with Tao (Dao). It is a true story of a small boy, in the middle of Europe behind Iron curtain. As 10 years old, I was beaten by a gang. Once my father found out, he enrolled me into a Judo class, so I could learn how to defend myself. About two months later, on the school yard, I beaten the big bully and since that time, nobody touched me.
In the Judo class, I first met the TAO. Ju means gentle, Do means Dao. It really worked for me!!! 

My teacher often reminded me, Peter, stop using your muscles when you fight, let the force of Tao do it for you!!!

It took many many years, until I finally got this principle. Even more now, when master Sha is transmitting to me more and more power of Tao.

I am so grateful that I can use the Force of Tao, to help other people, to use it for spiritual journey, to achieve final unity with Tao.

It is all that simple, to be in the state of no EGO, free of all desires, so we can allow the Force of Tao to do what it is supposed to do.

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Thank you, Master Hudoba for broadcasting from Sedona. It's a very unique opportunity to join this special event via webcast. I remember joining two types of kung-fu classes before for self defence and fun. I just realized that one style had more emphasis on structure and intention. The other style taught me how to flow and "borrow" the energy Force. One is hard and Yang. The other style is soft and Yin. A-ha!

  2. Dear Master Hudoba, Thank-you for the story and the beautiful healing blessing. It is good to hear your voice all the way from Sedona!
    Love, Cara

    1. Dear Cara,
      It is great we can connect even from Sedona!!!
      with love,
      Peter Hudoba

  3. Thank you Master Hudoba for this very special flute blessing and amazing story of using the force of Dao in your life. It inspires me to achieve Tao in my life. To be always in the flow as opposed to going against the forces of nature. Need much more wisdom on how to create this in daily life, look forward to listening to more of your radio shows. Thank you

    1. Wonderful, Mark, I am so glad I could offer you something useful for your life.
      with love,
      peter hudoba