Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Peter Hudoba: How to respond in difficult times?

Dear friends,

Today, our country experienced a great difficulty. Our values and the symbols of our free and peaceful life that we cherish so much, were exposed to a violence. Obviously, hearts of many of us are now affected deeply. (Note: this was a day when a guard standing at the monument remembering soldiers fallen in wars for Canada was killed and soon after our Parliament was attacked also).

Let me share with you one of the most significant experiences of my early life. I was born in Czechoslovakia. When I was still a boy, one day I woke up and listened to the radio. I was the first in our family to know, that we were invaded by foreign armies. Our goverment fell and for remaining 30 years, we lived under occupation.

It was somewhere in 1985 that I and my wife, we went to the cinema to watch a movie Gandhi. I was deeply moved, especially at the end, with the last sentence of Gandhi.
Mahatma shared this deep wisdom: " when in despair, I remembered, that all through the history, the way of Truth and Love has always won."

It took me several years to comprehend these words.
But then, one day in 1989, I woke up and learned that something unbelievable happened, communism collapsed in my fatherland and the occupation armies left soon after. Then, I recalled the words of Gandi.

I am so grateful to my teacher, master Sha, for helping me to further understand the power of love and light. Master Sha gave to humanity a very special song, the song that he received from God.
We chant it very often, especially when there are difficulties around the world.

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

More of us chant together, more love peace and harmony we bring to humanity!

with love and blessings

Peter Hudoba
Disciple of master Sha

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Peter Hudoba: The most precious gift a teacher can receive - A love from student.

Dear Precious Souls,

On Monday, I returned from Toronto where I spent few days offering a workshop to our  Ontario friends. It was truly remarkable time and I felt so blessed. Over these few days since, I have been enjoying fleeting memories from these special times. 
One of my students found this beautiful post from our beloved Nina.

Please enjoy!!!

With love and blessings,

peter hudoba


"Return to baby state, means to return to the innocence of a baby, 
be happy and have an open heart like a baby"
This week we were so honoured to have Master Peter Hudoba, visit us in Toronto. He was teaching us about Soul Enlightenment. These words above are from his teachings.
When our hearts are open, we are one with the Source. When our hearts are closed, we close the doors to heaven. It is very painful. Yet, we are conditioned to feel hurt and pain and we close our hearts ever so often. 
When I am in that state, I often imagine physically holding my heart and opening it again. 
It is such joy to simply be like a child - to not be hurt - and have a joyful BIG and OPEN HEART!!

This post is dedicated to Most Beloved Master Peter Hudoba, who so generously poured his 
BIG LOVE and opened our hearts this weekend.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Peter Hudoba: Secret Daoist Practice of Heavenly Water

dear Friends,

Through the history, millions of people have tried to rejuvenate the body, or at least, slow down the aging process. Even today, there are hundreds of different approaches, ranging from extract from stem cells to ending points of DNA, all sorts of minerals, potions, extracts from just about anything.

As a child, I used to read many fairy tales, and one common theme was like this:
One old king had a beautiful princess. When young most suitable prince has proposed, he was asked by old king to go beyond 7 sees, beyond 7 mountains, to secret place far away, guarded by 7 headed dragon. He had to sly the dragon that was guarding the Fountain of Youth. Once dragon was finished, prince filled the bottle with Heavenly Water and brought it to the old king. Then, he married a princess and they lived happily ever after. (like in Hollywood movies)

Well, old Daoists has developed much more practical and realistic approach. You actually do not need to travel much, and there are no dragons alongside the journey.

How do you practice the secret technique to receive Heavenly Water?

Put your Left palm below belly button and place your Right palm on the area on the back opposite to Left palm. Visualize golden light in the area in front of your Right palm.
Chant mantra Dao Sheng Yi together with me on the record from radio show.
Do invocation to Divine, Dao, Heaven and master Sha to sent you a Heavenly Water to your Ming Men area.
Ask your Ming Men area to receive Heavenly Water, to fully develop and rejuvenate.
Enjoy it and practice regularly!!!

And remember, no need to travel anywhere and marry a princess !!!

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Peter Hudoba: Do You Worry? Don't Worry Be Happy

My dear beloved readers,

In recent days, I happened to have some challenge in my life. This gave me an opportunity to rebalance myself, to settle down my priorities.

After pausing and distancing a bit and observing the situation from some distance, I realized that I got bit trapped. I applied myself to resolve the issue, but doing so, I got involved in it and become part of it. It backfired on me, big time.
The usual cascade followed, from one issue, now I had two. Then, arrived worry, what to do about all of this? Well, now I had three issues - two challenges outside and one inside (my worry).

Right at the time, one of my students, lovely Brenda, has asked me how to deal with worries. I checked how to help her, and the message come to guide her right away.  That is it! That was not only what she needed, that was what I needed also!!!

Preparing for the radio show today, to teach how to deal with worries, I recalled an old song that I enjoyed to listen to about 25 years ago.

"Don't worry be happy.
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy"

To work on the worry is only half of work done. You need to work on your happiness also!.

If you like, listen to me old soul friend Bobby:

I love you all very much

Peter Hudoba
Disciple of master Sha

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