Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Peter Hudoba: Me Enlightenment Experiences

Dear friends,

Over last Christmas I spent some time to search through the You Tube and I listened to spiritual songs from different religions and spiritual orientations. It has become very clear to me that, although there are some differences, in principle all people are searching for the same, all are searching for the light. I was very much inspired by how much effort and time has been spent over the history of humankind on this activity. Most certainly, all of us, we consider this a very important to our existence.

I have been extremely blessed, that under the guidance of my teacher , Master Sha, I have achieved Enlightenment. What does it mean? For different religions and spiritual orientations,  it may mean different thing. But, in fact, it is the same. I am extremely blessed, because I am always in the flood of the light. Enlightenment is exactly that - to be full of light.

When we go to bed to sleep and we turn of the night lamp, when I close my eyes, in my inner vision, there is no dark, there is a light. Like, if the night lamp is still on.

People often remark that my face is shining. I just wish, if they could feel that brightness, joy and

ecstasy that I feel in my mind and heart!

I do sincerely hope that those who read this post, would understand that I do not promote myself here. I am just serving by example. The light that comes through me, is not my light, it is the light from God, from Divine that comes and shines through me. I am extremely blessed and consider myself extremely fortunate that I could meet master Sha, who made this possible for me. For that I can not thank him enough. 

The enlightenment is real. It can be achieved. It is a great honor and it brings me a great joy and happiness that I can share with you, on my blog, various techniques and experiences from my enlightenment journey with master Sha.

with love and blessings

master Peter

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  1. Thank you Master Peter for your sharing. Thank you for bringing so much light and joy into my life. I am so blessed to have meet you and grateful for this blog and radio show. It has helped me to bring more light into my life and those around me. Love you<3

  2. dear William,
    I am so honored that I can help you in your life. I am so honored that I can serve as a channel for Divine Light that comes to bless you and improve your life situation. Trust Divine!
    with love and blessings
    master Peter