Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Peter Hudoba: Heart Sutra and the Supreme mantra of Enlightenment

dear Friends,

I received an inspiration from God to speak about the importance of Heart Sutra and the Supreme mantra of Enlightenment.  
This sutra and matra were taught by master Sha to us on Dao retreat in Estes park Colorado in 2012.

I have benefited greatly from practices on Heart sutra and Supreme mantra of Enlightenment. It has helped me to clear and calm my mind very effectively. 
If you practice regularly and enter the state of total absorption with this mantra, you will enter entirely different state of awareness. 

It is very good to practice this mantra focusing on your Heart Chakra, or Message Centre how master Sha calls it. 
Heart Chakra is an energy and spiritual centre in the middle of the chest. It is a love centre, healing centre, karma centre and communication centre. It is a place where we do healing, our karma is stored here and finally, through this centre we communicate with the soul world.

Heart Sutra mantra:

Jie Di Jie Di
Poro Jie Di
Poro San Jie Di
Puti Sopochu

with love and light

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Dear Master Peter,
    Thank you so much for introducing this mantra.
    This is my 2nd day practicing it.

    1. dear lavana,
      this is great mantra, I have always enjoyed. practice diligently.
      with love
      master peter

  2. Thank you Master Peter for tgis wonderful practice. This is a very beatiful mantra and after the chanting my mind feels calm and peaceful. Tytyty lylyly

    1. Yes william,
      I too found that this mantra brings the mind to state of peace quite rapidly. I practice with it often.
      with love
      master peter

  3. Dear Master Hudoba,
    This Mantra brings such tranquillity to my heart and mind. It was so gentle yet deeply penetrating.
    Love, Cara

    1. Dear Cara
      as i wrote in my previous posts, this mantra has incredible power to calm the mind. Come to my blog and practice with me often, any time you need to calm yourself. I am so honored to serve you.
      with love and blessings
      master Peter

  4. Thank you Master Hudoba for this wonderful teaching on the Heart Sutra. I have heard this chant before but now to see the words written out on your blog really help me chant the mantra better. It a great practice and I feel a deep connection chanting this mantra, Ty Ty Ty

  5. Your blog contains great information. Thank you very much to share with us!