Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Master Peter Hudoba - How You can Change Your Life using Forgiveness

Dear friends,

Millions of people are suffering from disappointment in life of some sort. Some have difficulties in current relationships, others still can not forget the pain from past experiences.
What I have learned from master Sha, is, that Forgiveness brings the peace. Truly, our own peace depends on how we can forgive to those who have hurt us.
Only if we are able to forgive, then, we also can be forgiven for all what we had done to others.

I have seen quite a few people who sincerely tried to forgive, or who sincerely asked to be forgiven. Sometimes, the hurt is so strong, that ordinary desire may not be enough. Them we use Divine Soul power to assist us.  I am extremely grateful to my teacher master Sha who taught us the secret techniques and transmitted to us the power of Divine Forgiveness.

with love and blessings

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. I am very grateful to have Forgiveness practice in my life! What an opportunity and honour to do this practice with you Master Hudoba. The chanting brings such a pristine stillness in and around me. Thank-you from my heart! Love, Cara

  2. Dear Cara
    I found forgiveness practice a very important if we want to succeed to reach enlightenment. I do it regularly every day. It is great that you recognized this also.
    with love and light
    master Peter

  3. Thank you so much Master Hudoba for this very important practice. The benefits of truly forgiving others, our self and asking the many souls who we have hurt through our thoughts, words and actions to forgive is beyond words. I have experienced many issues in my life transform through this wonderful practice. Thank you

  4. Thank you Master Peter for this opportunity to do forgiveness practice with you:) I have found doing a regular forgiveness practice has helped my life to flow much easier and bring inner peace and joy. Thank you, Love you<3

  5. Thank you Master Peter for this way to transform all aspects of life including Soul Enlightenment. Thank you Love You

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