Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Peter Hudoba: Secret Daoist technique to Heal and Rejuvenate the Heart and Element Fire.

dear friends,

Today I have shared on the radio blog the techniques how to heal and rejuvenate the organ Heart and the Element Fire.

The Element Fire is a hot element in our body. It regulates Heart and Small Intestine. This element contains the emotion Excitability and Depression and Joyful attitude. The is very important for our life, both as a pump that helps blood circulate around the body, and the center of our emotions.
I am very grateful to my teacher master Sha who taught us the secret technique to balance Element Fire.

Put your left palm below belly button and place your right palm on the Heart area. Visualize golden light in your Heart area. Chant mantra Zhi Ya Zhi Ya Zhi Ya You. Do invocation to Divine and Dao to sent you a light to your Heart. Ask your Heart to receive light, to heal and rejuvenate.
Enjoy it and practice regularly!!!

And remember, always continue any treatments for Heart or for Depression with your medical doctor, our techniques are not replacement for medical care.

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with love and blessings

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Today on the live webcast with Master Sha, Adrian from Customer Service shared how he was in a highly stressful situation when he heeded Furozan's advice to take the iPhone with the Soul Healing Miracles app to help him. He said that after only 5 minutes with the app on his message centre and listening to Master Sha's voice, he completely calmed down and felt calm and relaxed, a 180 degree turnaround. Awesome! Thank you Master Hudoba for putting the banner with the new app on your Blog page to remind us all to download the new app!

    1. Thanks for mentioning about the iphone app, last week I did download app onto phone and was truly amaze at how much power and light came from the Ling Guang means Soul Light calligraphy practice. I plan on using the this app much more. Ty

  2. NOTE from ALICE (per Monday, March 24’14):
    Dear Master Hudoba,
    I’m always mesmerized by the beauty of technology when it is used in such constructive ways, where healing can become possible, learning faster & distances shorter.
    Also, I’m happy due to this modern avenue so I can follow your weekly radio shows as well, them being only one click away!
    With appreciation, Alice

  3. Dear Master Hudoba,
    Thank you for your teaching on the Fire Element and how to practice for this Element.
    I am really struck by how efficient it is to do a practice as you describe and chant for the Fire Element by focusing on the Yin Organ. Not only are the different components of the Fire Element improved but the unbalanced emotion is also balanced. This wisdom of the Five Elements is very comprehensive and practical to use. I am stunned at how simple the practice is yet accomplishes so much. As always I am grateful for your teaching and the deepening understanding it creates. With Love and Gratitude.