Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peter Hudoba: Secret ancient Daoist technique to heal and rejuvenate the liver.

dear friends,

Today I share the secret ancient Daoist technique to heal and rejuvenate the liver.

The liver is a key organ of our metabolism and it is very important for our body. Therefore, we need to give a great care to our liver. But how? In my live, before I met my Daoist teachers, I have never heard how to exercise the liver so it would become healthy. I am so grateful to my teacher master Sha who taught us this ancient secret technique.

with love and blessings

master Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Dear Master Hudoba,
    I had a small insight a-ha moment when I did the practice on my liver. When I have light and happiness in the organ, many blockages melt away. This week has been challenging at work, and I know something was trying to make me upset each day. I am so much more at peace after this practice. I totally can see the benefit of doing this as a short practice each day to prevent sickness and to rejuvenate the liver. Thank you so much! Love, Brenda

  2. Dear Master Hudoba, My liver responded immediately and loves the practice that you share...thank so much for this absolutely beautiful practice! Love, Nori

  3. NOTE from ADRIAN (per Thursday, March 13’14):
    Dear Master Peter,
    Thank you for sharing this powerful practice with us, which I enjoyed very much! It brought me a lot of peace and joy.
    With love, Adrian.

  4. Dear Master Hudoba,
    Thank you for sharing the ancient secret Daoist technique to heal and rejuvenate the liver. I appreciate that you shared the technique and what we are to do very clearly in the written version of you blog. This makes this information very accessible. Even though I know what to do now, I look forward to return to listen and practice with your radio blog. With so much gratitude for all the wisdom you so generously share with us to benefit our lives and soul journeys.

  5. Dear Master Hudoba-- I was so grateful for this teaching and practice yesterday, particularly as the liver was going to be the topic for my Soul Healing group last night. Your teachings and practice really helped me teach better and I noticed afterwards that my eyesight seemed clearer! Thank you!

  6. Thank you, Master Peter for the chant for the Liver. Wood element issues are the main ones for me (tendons, gall bladder, eyes) so healing the Liver is a great way to help all these!

  7. I appreciate your wisdom and your insight on this topic. TYTYTY

  8. Thank you Master Peter, Master Sha and Master Liu De Hua for this powerful technique! with love and appreciation, Cynthia

  9. I love that your blogs are archived so we can just "push the button" to receive such profound wisdom - and usually just right when we need it. Thanks so very much. It's always a joy to listen to your stories.

  10. I was very excited to practice self healing my liver. Thank you Master Peter.

  11. Dear Master Peter, Again and again I am struck by how important your foundation practices are. I still feel like the new kid on the block, not sure if I have ever done the liver practice before. If I have learned it before, this show is a great reminder that in the midst of all the tasks and practices, we need to use these simple and profound healing tools. Thank you, Mark

  12. I really enjoyed this practice. Thank you Master Peter
    Mary Louise

  13. NOTE from ALICE (per Monday, March 17’14):
    Dear Master Hudoba,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us this ancient, powerful practice, which could bring so many benefits to our health – I’m deeply grateful, especially since I can bookmark it & apply it each time I need…it is absolutely beautiful to see how this ancient wisdom can be so easily spread through with the help of modern technology… feels like East meets West, old meets new & together blend in so potently in making tomorrow better than today….it feels like a special “perpetuum mobile” driven by the force of life…beautiful, indeed!
    With love, Alice.

  14. Thank you Master Hudoba for this special liver practice, every time I listen to the radio show I learn something new, thank you for sharing the invocation secret. The practice was wonderful with so much light filling my body. It truly is amazing a recording can deliver so much power during a practice. Thank you so much.