Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Peter Hudoba: How to heal a Broken Heart:

dear friends,

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With Love and light,

Master Peter Hudoba

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  1. Thank You Master Hudoba for another wonderful talk. Every time I listen I hear something to improve my practice; some piece of information I had previously overlooked.

  2. Thank you, Master Hudoba, for your talk on healing and reminder that we can lessen the suffering from our mistakes with forgiveness practice using mantras/chanting to bring light from Divine or saints to help clear darkness and blockages. Appreciate the light and peace from your chanting on today's blog. Love, Diane & Tom

  3. From recent events in my life, I can see even more clearly how the wisdom that you are sharing comes into play. To always remember the Light through the darkness and that when I am suffering to accept in my heart that I have done something wrong and ask for Forgiveness. Thank-you Master Hudoba for the teachings and chanting. The incredible Light and Love that comes brings such peace and transformation. With Much Love! Cara

    1. dear Cara,
      Listen to my radio show from February 19 2014. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.
      with love and blessings
      master Peter

    2. Dear Master Hudoba, I just listened to your radio show. It felt sweet and deeply peaceful to offer Love instead of fear to my loved ones. Thank-you for guiding my heart towards Divine Love and out of despair. I am truly grateful! Love, Cara

  4. Dear Master Hudoba, thank you so much for the beautiful teachings – Hippocrates’ story had a deep resonance in our hearts! Also, your chanting (“God’s Light“) brought an enormous amount of light upon us…definitively this would be a recording we will continue to visit often in the future as it is extremely powerful & healing at the same time! TY! TY! TY! With love & gratitude, Alice & Adrian

  5. Thank you Master Peter Hudoba for the great story about Hippocrates. The knowledge that the father of modern medicine was a priest is very important. I have a wonderful book called The Scalpel and the Soul about a surgeon's journey into the world of the spirit. Also true for my field. Carl Jung believed that Psychology and spirit must work together, and modern Psychology must reconnect with the soul. Mark J