Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Peter Hudoba: Early stages of my Enlightenment Journey.

Dear friends,

From early childhood, I was searching for Enlightenment. At that young age, I of course did not know exactly what it is what I want, but I had a definite direction. I just adored the books about mysterious world beyond ordinary life and, as grown up in spiritual family, I learned some basics.

I as well read some Holy books and the teachings sounded so beautiful. However,  when I saw the people around me to behave very differently from the way described in Holy books, I was quite perplexed. As a young boy, I did not understand that founders of religions were giving us the Ideal to inspire to and that most of the people are just too far from that. 

From my early teens, I was involved in martial arts where I learned some simple meditations. These were of course oriented to enhance fighting skills, but nevertheless, they gave me good idea what I should really look for.

The most important advice that I learned from my first teacher in martial arts, has stayed with me for my whole life.

"He taught me that in order not to be defeated in the fight, it was I who had to improve.
I had to develop the skills that would make me to win and I had to remove the weak points that could make me to loose".

I have applied this principle in my spiritual quest also. Over the many years, I have studied, practiced and kept constantly improving myself. Once I was ready, my teacher, Master Sha has appeared.
Then, the true training started.

 Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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