Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Peter Hudoba: About My Blog

Dear Fiends,

In this blog site I share with you my personal story of my spiritual journey towards enlightenment, under the training of Master Sha.

I have been studying with Master Sha for past fourteen years, and it has been an absolutely amazing and beautiful part of my life. It was both beautiful and challenging, yet, at the same time, extremely rewarding.

I wish you can benefit from my experiences!

With love and blessings

Peter Hudoba

Peter Hudoba is a spiritual teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Dear Master Peter
    I Bow-down in Gratitude...
    I love your book about your journey to soul enlightenment. I cried so much and my heart opened further while reading. I loved the way you shared your experiences with so much gratitude. It is truly heart touching. I cant wait for your future blog posts. Thank you for your love and kindness...
    With Love
    Avi Sangha

    1. Dear Friend, thank you very much for your sincere remark. I feel very honored that my story in the book could benefit you.
      With love
      Master Hudoba

  2. Dear Master Peter,

    I am very excited to read your blog and learn from your experiences. I have always found your stories to be heart touching and inspiring. Thank you for all your love and service.


    1. Dear William,
      great! I always like to help others on their soul journey to enlightenment.
      with love
      master Hudoba

  3. Dear Master Hudoba,
    I am so grateful to be your student. I have learned so much about the enlightenment journey, in its many aspects, from your teachings and one on one guidance. I look forward to reading your blog posts. Love, Sara.

    1. Dear Sara,
      I am so grateful to be your teacher! It is a great joy to have a students like you.
      with love and affections
      master Hudoba

  4. Dear Master Peter,

    reading your book was a deep purification process for me and it assisted me well in any further purification processes,
    I especially remember very well one remark ( I`ll just quote from my memory ):
    If you don`t pass your testing in this life and you choose not to continue to pass, you will have to do it again in another life! This teaching really is a key teaching for me. So no matter how challenging the purification process or spiritual testing gets, I have deep faith and know that I will go through in this lifetime.
    I am deeply grateful for your powerful teaching in your book for our soul`s journeys!

    I am looking forward to read and learn more from you!

    With love and light from Germany!

    1. dear friend,
      I am really happy that my book was useful to you. I will continue to post some parts of it and wish you will benefit further.
      With love and affection
      master Hudoba

  5. Much love to Master Hudoba from Alice & Adrian

  6. Dear Beloved Master Peter, Thank you for the Teachings, always done with such joy...Thank you for all the wisdom you share with us. Thank you So Much for all the Generous Blessings....i Love you and i Thank God for meeting you in this life time. i can never be Grateful enough for that.....Thank you.

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  8. Lance Delves--Thank you for sharing your wisdom and story,I am still fairly new to soul healing miracles but I find I am benefitting from it very much thank you thank you thank you
    with respect Lance

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